ACI365™ Complete Solution

Why does my office need an online office management system?

ACI365™ is your appraisal office—online. Every detail of your appraisal organization can be managed through ACI365. Accessible from anywhere in the world where Internet access is available, ACI365™ will become your most valued resource.

The success of every appraisal company is based on communication. Key to maintaining a well-organized office is the ability to keep everyone on the same page. If youíve never had an office management system, youíve had to be creative in finding ways to best track your appraisal workflow. Some companies utilize a corkboard or dry erase board. Others create a spreadsheet and post it on their network. Either way, these methods require staff to be in the office to access or receive any updates.


The ACI365™ Office Management Workflow

  • ACI365™ evolves your current order management system, allowing each employee to access their files from anywhere in the world, via PDA, Laptop, Home PC or Company computer.
  • ACI365™ automatically communicates status to all involved parties, including client, appraiser and borrower.
  • Our Company Calendar allows you to view the daily, weekly and monthly activities of your Appraisal Company. This is accessible at all times from anywhere in the world.
  • Our Collectionís Assistant gets you paid faster as it automatically sends late payment notification to your clients with invoice attached.
  • You know whatís right with your company, but itís tough to pinpoint whatís wrong. Reports donít lie. Run 1000ís of reports on every facet of your company directly through your ACI365™.
  • Complete Payroll on each employee, whether itís hourly, fee split or commission based, with payroll taxes, in a matter of minutes.
  • Manage outstanding invoices more efficiently, and access past invoices from clients. Clearly see what companies give you your appraisal volume and what companies actually pay their bills.
  • Increase your Company footprint with the marketing tools integrated in ACI365™. The website provided by ACI365™, gives you a place to accept orders, receive payment and communicate order status from all your clients new and old.